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What does it cost to build a pool?   The cost can vary greatly depending on a number of factors..  For example; a simple pool, 30 ft. X 15 ft., with  surrounding deck, a vacuum type cleaning system and top of the line pump and filter can cost as little as $30, 000.00

A spa, travertine pavers and water features such as fountains and waterfalls are additional costs, but can be money well spent. An in-floor cleaning system can be a wise investment too.  Oracle Swimming Pools installs Blue Square self cleaning systems, the most modern  self cleaning systems available.  If your looking for the ultimate in circulation and ease of maintenance and efficiency consider an in-floor system.  For more information click on the logos.


  •  A new pool can take 6 to 10 weeks to build.  Additional time may be needed if landscaping, barbecue area, additional decks or gazebos are desired.  Remodels can take less time depending on the amount of changes requested.
  • If you're living in your home you'll need to keep pets and young children away from the construction area.  Oracle Swimming Pools follows strict safety guidelines. We do our utmost to keep the area secure.
  • Construction can be messy and occasionally noisy.  Our customers are assured that completing their project means cleaning up too.  We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.
  • If you live in a H.O.A. community  there may be certain restrictions on your construction.  Oracle Swimming Pools will be there to help you through the review process.

Whether you are considering a new pool or renovating an existing one there are some important things to think about before you start.


  Oracle Swimming Pools is partnering with NV Energy in the Variable-speed Pump Rebate program.

  Learn more at or just click on the NV Energy logo.


  • What style do you find most appealing?  Think about what compliments your home and what kind of landscaping you're considering.
  • Will you see the pool from the inside of your home?  A pool should be a beautiful thing to look at as well as wonderful to swim in.
  • How will you use your pool?  Relaxing, entertaining, serious exercise?
  • Built in barbecues, covered areas and gazebos can easily be part of your design.
  • Do you have children and pets?  Will safety fencing be a consideration? 
  • What is your budget?  Oracle Swimming Pools wants to design a pool you'll love and can realistically afford. For example, if you want the sound of rushing water there are many options other than large waterfalls.  We work with several  lenders who can help with financing (o.a.c.).